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Welcome to the 2018 Hunterdon Huskies season!


For 2018 all registrations must be completed online, payment is required at the time of registration.  Team spots can not be held.  No registration is considered complete until full payment has been received.


A Family Registration package is offered for the upcoming season, with a maximum registration payment for all children in the household of $650.00. If your family will benefit from this option and you wish to arrange for the combined registration discount, please email


Please start with Parent Registration first, then proceed to register your children by selecting the appropriate programs below.  Please if you have any questions.

All registrations start here http://hunterdonhuskies.com/Registration/Default.asp?n=16726&org=hunterdonhuskies


 INSPIRATION CHEER -  This program is open to children with special needs. 

FLAG CHEER - Cost for Flag Cheer is $125.00 This program is open to ages 5-6, as of July 31, 2018. Please read our PARENT POLICY HANDBOOK before making your registration decision.


CHEER - EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT PRICE of $250.00 is through Apri 30th and cost thereafter is $325.00.   A late fee of $25 starts 7/1.  This program is open to ages 7-14 as of July 31, 2018.  Please review our PARENT POLICY HANDBOOK before making your registration decision.  Note: If, following your registration, we find that a Hunterdon Huskies Cheer team is filled, your son or daughter will be wait listed, and you will be notified.  Wait lists will be cleared as openings become available on existing teams or as new teams are formed.  If your son or daughter is still wait listed at the start of the season, your registration fee will be fully refunded.

MINI CHEER - Price for the season is $100. Mini Cheer is only open to ages 3-4, as of July 31, 2018

CONTENDER FOOTBALL -   This program is open to children ages 7-16 as of 7/31/18 with special needs.

FLAG football- Cost for this program is $125.00. This program is open to ages 5-6, as of July 31, 2018.

FOOTBALL- EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT PRICE of $250.00 runs through April 30th , with cost of $325.00 thereafter.   A late fee of $25 starts 7/1.  This program is open to ages 7-13 as of July 31, 2018.

2018 – Work Bond & Equipment Deposit

The Hunterdon Huskies is a non-profit organization funded entirely by registration fees and charitable donations.  We are a championship caliber program that has earned national recognition for our performance both on and off the field or mats.  We use high performance equipment and outfit our teams in uniforms that represent our culture and vision for excellence.  In order to meet these high expectations, we ask each family to:

  • Volunteer for a total of three hours during the season (the length of a good movie).  We ask for a workbond (in the form of a check) prior to the start of the season that will not be cashed unless the volunteer hours are not fulfilled or the participants family decides not to volunteer (preferring instead to pay the cash).   The workbond check associated with volunteer hours is $200. 
  • Provide a deposit for the equipment we distribute to your children.  It too will not be cashed unless our valuable equipment is not returned at the end of the season.  The equipment deposit check is $225.00. 

Once again, please note that neither of these checks will be cashed and they will be destroyed if you:

  • Fulfill your required volunteer hours (3 hours)
  • Return all of your equipment at the end of the season 

NOTE:  We WILL NOT be collecting these checks during the registration process.  They will be collected just prior to the start of the 2017 season during initial team meetings.  Hunterdon Huskies policy mandates that both of these checks must be received before your child is allowed to participate with his or her team.